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Below, you can find out more about Daniela’s world view and about her work so far.

Urban Landscapes (2004-2009) is a series which expresses Daniela’s experience of urban excess and of the truly mad cacophony of metropolitan existence. The paintings are created from the inside out. Experiences and observations are internalized, reduced to the essence and then reproduced with harmonious colors and soothing compositions, like oases for the visually saturated city dweller.

The Self Portraits series provides an insight into the artist and the woman behind. Each self-portrait becomes an aspect of ‘self-showing’, a self-conscious revelation that is considered and deliberate. The outside world and the surrounding space have been excluded, forcing the viewer to focus on the face and its (lack of) expression.

Daniela’s Black & White series depicts views of the horizon, the sea and of tree trunks in their starkest contrast. Colors have been consciously dropped to focus on what is remembered of the stirred emotions felt in front of a specific landscape.

And this is not all, check out this page for even more artworks and projects!

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